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Alison Appleton

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Alison Appleton is a British ceramic designer specialising in porcelain tea ware. Alison and her daughter Helena Appleton, own and run a teahouse in Lark Lane, Liverpool where they sell fantastic food and a vast range of tea which are displayed behind the counter in large caddies on shelves. On the other side of the shop, they have their hand crafted tea ware, beautifully displayed. The business also has a website which they use to sell their tea, tea ware and events.

I first met Alison when the beautiful Nagoya tea set which was on display in the window, drew me into her shop. After making the purchase, we got talking about design. As we are both designers by trade and both liked each others design tastes so, we arranged a meeting to discuss a new website.

Alison had an existing website but a few issues were present, hindering its usefulness. First and foremost, it was a desktop website. We took a look at the user data which showed 60% of viewers are using a smart phone to view her website. The next problem was the online shop management system. It was based in WordPress and had little in terms of functionality for an ecommerce store. The last issue was the design. Alison is a life long designer and has marvellous taste. The website did not show this. Something had to be done!.

After initial meetings with Alison, we detailed a project scope to address issues present in the current website and features they would like in their new store. After the design process was complete and the website was developed, we had a responsive website that works on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices. The online store is managed through the BigCommerce content management system which boasts many features to help the day to day running of the store. We created a beautiful tea category page buy using amazing pictures of the tea and added advanced product filtration to the left so you can filter by mood, origin and tea type.

We continue to work with Alison on a recurring basis, managing and maintaining her website.

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What Alison had to say

Calland Creative designed and built our website. It functions well and we have had many compliments on how good it looks since launching it last year.

Michael is a pleasure to work with and offers an excellent service. I would recommend him to anyone.

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