Website Hosting

Our customer base ranges from small startups, to aggressively marketed online businesses. We have designed a range of website hosting options to suit the needs of most, however we do offer a custom hosting plan to match your needs. Our hosting is based on a 30 day rolling contract as we do not wish to tie people into lengthly contracts. There is a small setup fee for each hosting option.
We offer 4 website hosting options:

1. Standard Managed Website Hosting – with cpanel access.

£25 per month. (£100 setup fee)

Standard website hosting is aimed at small businesses with small traffic needs. Websites in this plan are hosted on our shared server. Individual or dedicated servers cost allot to run and manage and is not economical for small businesses and in our opinion, totally unnecessary. Standard plan websites utilise a CDN which helps with resource management and offers a good solution at minimal cost to the customer. This plan offers a backup point ever 2 weeks.
*We manage the hosting of the website in this package. Any website bugs, fixes or changes will cost extra to fix.

2. Standard Managed Website Hosting – dedicated cloud server.

£30 per month. (£100 setup fee)

This plan is the same as the Standard Plan, except the website is hosted on a dedicated secure cloud server. This option gives you more speed, due to dedicated resources and scalability should you need to increase your server size. Security is a big feature with this option and website are backed up every week.
*Due to the nature of this server setup, you will not be able to access the server from a control panel. All server maintenance work must be carried out by Calland Creative or a competent back end/web developer.
*We manage the hosting of the website in this package. Any website bugs, fixes or changes will cost extra to fix.

2. Premium Managed Website Hosting – we look after your website.

£60 per month. (£100 setup fee)

Our Premium hosting package gives you the support you need to ensure your website is maintained on a monthly basis. We will host your website on state of the art cloud servers. We will utilise the latest CDN technology to keep your website protected against threats. 1 hour of website changes/fixes are included in this package, in case you need anything changing or fixing on the front end (website).
*If hours are not used, we will use this time in our server maintenance schedule, to check over your server and apply updates. Hours do not roll over to the next moth.

3. Custom Hosting Plan.


If you don’t think the Standard or Managed plan are right for your needs, we can design you a custom plan based on the following:
  • Server requirements.
  • Traffic level.
  • Support required.
  • Design & Development changes.
  • Backup frequency.